The Best DIY Party Supplies for Your Holiday Gathering


What You Need to Know About Platters

Platters are a great way to present food and make it look more appealing. They also ensure that guests get to try a variety of different dishes.

There are three types of platters you can use for your event: cheese platter, fruit platter, and party platters. Cheese platters have a wider variety of cheeses and crackers while fruit platters have a wider variety of fruits and vegetables. Party platters are the most expensive option but they offer the widest range of options in terms of food choices.

Different Types of Food Platters

A platter is a dish or container used to serve food items. They are often circular or rectangular in shape, and can be made of ceramic, metal, glass, or wood. Platters are typically used to serve appetizers, desserts and hors d’oeuvres.

Different Types of Food Platters:

Sushi platter: A sushi platter is a tray that is used to serve sushi. It usually has four slots for the different types of sushi rolls. The containers can be made from metal and plastic.

Diy food platters: Diy food platters are a great way to save money on catering costs as well as give your guests an elegant presentation without spending much time on it. There are many types of diy food platters that you can try, ranging from a pasta salad to an antipasto platter.

How to Put Together an Awesome Cheese & Meat Platter

A cheese and meat platter is a great party food for any occasion. It’s easy to put together, looks gorgeous, and tastes delicious. Here are some tips on how to put together an awesome platter.

– Pick a good variety of different meats: Try to pick at least three different types of meat, including some that are cooked and some that are not so you have something that’s ready to eat right away.

– Layer the ingredients in order of flavor: The best way to layer your ingredients is in order of flavor 

– so start with the mildest cheese or meat first, then move onto the next most flavorful item, and so on.

– Add fruit or veggies: You can also add fresh fruit or vegetables as a tasty side dish to your platter!

How to Put Together an Amazing Fruit Platter for a Party

A fruit platter is a great way to show people that you care about them. It is also a great way to get some healthy food into their diet. The best fruit platters are often the ones that are the most simple. It is important to consider what kind of fruit you want to use and how many people you want to feed. A great way to start is by picking out a few different types of fruits that you know people will enjoy, like strawberries, grapes, cherries and bananas. You can also add a few different types of nuts or dried fruits if you have any in your pantry. The best way to make a fruit platter is by using seasonal fruits, which are currently in season. You can also try making some of the following recipes:

Fruit and Nut Salad

Fresh Fruit Salsa

Banana Berry Breakfast Parfait

Strawberry, Blueberry and Raspberry Cheesecake

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