3 Best Food Platter for Parties & Celebrations

Who doesn’t love a good celebration? On the other hand, the preparation of the party platters may be a little more enjoyable. From cooking a lot of food to making cocktails, to putting things together, being a host is not a trivial matter. But there are a number of shortcuts you can take — and those shortcuts are not easy in the eyes of your guests. Here are 3 best food platters that suit best for parties and celebrations.

Antipasto platter

Can’t choose between meat platter and cheese, fruit platter and vegetables, or bread and fruit? you should not! This Antipasto platter uses everything — berries, nuts, olives, dips, cheese, meat platter, bread — to make everyone happy and enjoy this food platter. Meat platter stir in light cheese like goat, feta, and mozzarella so that everything mixes well. Feel free to go crazy with every meat platter.

3 Sons Cafe food catering
3 Sons Cafe food catering

Fresh Fruit Platter

This fruit platter may not be the easiest – or the most beautiful fruit platter. Fruit platter packed with fresh fruit, yogurt, honey and granola, fruit platter is the best way to stay healthy (and relaxed) so you can enjoy your morning cup with your pajamas. For larger gatherings, consider offering different types of yogurt fruit platter or dessert platter . We love Greek dessert platter and unsweetened coconut yogurt for anyone who has no milk, as well as a variety of granola dessert platter. And since fruit platter is so simple, we say there is no shame in mimosa (or two)

Vegetarian Platter

Vegetarian Platter are a great way to spread the (nutritional) passion. Sandwich platters packed with healthy fats, proteins, fiber and fresh produce, this sandwich platters is a great dish paired with roasted meat or pizza.

For convenience, choose sandwich platters and vegetarian platter tzatziki with roasted pita, graham crackers and chopped vegetables. Don’t worry about waste: The residue can be used to make a delicious Greek salad.

3 Sons Cafe food catering

These party platters will help you prep like a pro, create an Insta-worthy spread, and still have the energy for a great time. Are you looking for where can you buy these party platters for your party this week? 3 Sons Café is now offering Antipasto platter, Vegetarian platter and Fresh fruit platter! Checkout our menu now: http://3sons.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/Catering-2022-1.pdf


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